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Overview of press releases

27 – 05 – 2024

Scoobic vehicles are gaining ground in Dutch cities

More and more Scoobic vehicles are coming to the Netherlands, particularly to busy cities and suburban areas. These vehicles are adapted to urban environments, making them small, sustainable, and easy to maneuver. This is noted by LMe Solutions, a supplier of Scoobic. “The Dutch market is finally ready for this solution,” says Karin van den Berg-Hulshoff, initiator of LMe Solutions.

Since 2018, Scoobic has been a ‘last mile’ market leader on several continents. Companies such as Heineken and Amazon already use Scoobic abroad. In 2022, the company gained a foothold in the Netherlands. “The demand for Scoobic vehicles is increasing nationwide,” says Van den Berg-Hulshoff. “I expect this trend to continue growing.”

Sustainable Ambitions

Dutch companies are increasingly looking for solutions to make the ‘last miles’ of their goods – from the distribution center to the customer – as sustainable, fast, and affordable as possible. They aim to save costs and deliver more sustainably. Scoobic vehicles, such as delivery bikes, cargo bikes, and mini-trucks, offer this solution.

Less Congestion in Cities

LMe consciously chose to source cargo vehicles from Scoobic. “Scoobic’s small, efficient vehicles are faster to maneuver than delivery vans, allowing for more frequent deliveries. Additionally, these vehicles take up little space, which is highly desirable in busy cities and suburban areas.”

Increased Ownership of Sustainable Cargo Vehicles

Hiltermann Lease is also enthusiastic about leasing Scoobic vehicles through LMe Solutions. “We are seeing a growing demand from entrepreneurs for sustainable vehicles,” says Tom Zoontjes, account manager at Hiltermann Lease. He attributes this demand to the fact that many large municipalities will introduce zero-emission zones from 2025. This means that only zero-emission trucks and delivery vehicles will be allowed to enter these zones.

Rise of Financial Leasing

Additionally, Hiltermann Lease notes that entrepreneurs are increasingly financing last mile vehicles through financial lease. This means that the entrepreneur eventually becomes the owner of the vehicle. “Understandable, as financial lease offers 100 percent financing, liquidity retention, and potential tax benefits for the entrepreneur,” explains Zoontjes.

About Scoobic

Scoobic is a market leader in the last mile industry, operating on several continents. They are an operational vehicle and e-commerce partner for brands such as Heineken and Amazon. Currently, Scoobic is involved in a co-engineering project in the red carpet area of Amsterdam.

About LMe Solutions

LMe Solutions is based in the World Fashion Centre (WFC) in Amsterdam and offers last mile solutions in the Netherlands. LMe provides cargo vehicles for small and medium-sized businesses. For large organizations, fleet managers, insurance companies, and business associations, LMe offers knowledge sessions for information and advice on the right vehicles for the right users. These include delivery bikes, cargo bikes, and mini-trucks.

About Hiltermann Lease

Hiltermann Lease is a major player in the Dutch leasing market, specializing in flexible leasing solutions for businesses. They focus on providing practical financing solutions. Hiltermann Lease has a large network of partners throughout the Netherlands. These partners include financial intermediaries, car companies, and equipment suppliers.

08 – 03 – 2024

Independent Leasing Companies see their market share growing

The Dutch Association of Leasing Companies reports a 4.8% increase in 2023.

Hiltermann Lease, one of the largest bank- and brand-independent leasing companies in the automotive and equipment sector in the Netherlands, expects a further increase in lease contracts in the SME sector in 2024. This mainly concerns lease contracts up to 250,000 euros. This is partly explained by the shift in SME financing from bank loans to alternative financing methods such as leasing. This is in line with the figures released today by the Dutch Association of Leasing Companies, which reports a 4.8% increase in lease contracts in 2023. The total volume in 2023 amounted to 7.25 billion euros, largely due to the catch-up movement made by transport vehicles after overcoming delivery issues.

In recent years, banks have faced increasing regulation in the financing sector, leading to higher costs. Capital requirements, the labor-intensive nature, and the shrinking of office networks also play a role in reduced access to financing for SMEs. Although obligations such as “Know Your Customer” also play an important role for leasing companies, lease contracts can be concluded more decisively and quickly. Moreover, banks often apply stricter acceptance criteria, requiring companies to be operational for at least three years, making it difficult for startups, among others, to obtain credit to facilitate investments.

Leasing in the SME sector is becoming increasingly common.

“The growth we see in the number of new lease contracts in the SME sector is an encouraging sign that there is a greater need for alternative financiers. Non-banking leasing companies grew by 27% in 2023 compared to 2022. These figures confirm our expectation that leasing will play an increasingly important role in SME financing, but that its distribution also takes place outside traditional bank channels. We expect this trend to continue in 2024,” says Peter-Jan Bentein of the Dutch Association of Leasing Companies.

“In recent years, tens of thousands of SMEs have been added in the Netherlands. Many of these companies are looking for alternative financing to keep their businesses running. This is wise because using financing in a smart way stimulates business growth,” says Ewoud Sneep, commercial manager at Hiltermann Lease.

As an asset financier, Hiltermann Lease pays close attention to the value (development) of the asset and the essential importance of the asset for the business operations. This, combined with criteria that the company must meet, enables them to assess risks properly and provide financing to SMEs responsibly.

About Hiltermann Lease

Hiltermann Lease is a major player in the Dutch leasing market, specializing in flexible leasing solutions for businesses. They focus on providing practical financing solutions. Hiltermann Lease has a large network of partners throughout the Netherlands. These partners include financial intermediaries, car dealerships, and equipment suppliers.

About Leasing Nederland

Leasing Nederland represents the interests of leasing companies based in the Netherlands, mainly focusing on leasing assets such as trucks and trailers, earthmoving equipment, internal transport equipment, buses and coaches, cranes, industrial equipment (machines), printing presses, copiers, computers, servers, and software. Leasing Nederland was founded in 1972, a few years after leasing was introduced in the Netherlands.

01 – 11 – 2023

Hiltermann Lease have closed her 100.000th leasing contract

Hiltermann Lease have closed her 100.000th leasing contract. The company, with her main office in Hoofddorp, sees the demand for leasing products grow side by side with the growing number of companies in The Netherlands

Despite the rise in interest rates, the leasing company observes an increasing trend in financing for both cars and equipment. This holds true for start-up enterprises, which are on the rise. According to Ewoud Sneep, Commercial Manager at Hiltermann Lease, more and more companies are opting to finance a vehicle or other equipment, either in part or in full, either to keep funds within the company as a buffer or to invest in growth. “In some cases, the funds simply aren’t available yet. In our view, financing a vehicle or equipment is a smart way to facilitate further business expansion.”

Hiltermann engages extensively in the indirect channel, working through intermediaries, brokers, and suppliers. According to their own statements, the company has experienced significant growth, jumping from 50,000 to 100,000 agreements within three years. “An achievement that underscores the resilience and success of the leasing industry,” says Eelco Postma, Marketing Manager at Hiltermann Lease. Future plans for the leasing company include a greater focus on short-term leasing and consumer financing, in addition to further growth in business financing for cars and equipment.

06 – 07 – 2023

Trend Report 2023: Opportunities and Challenges in the Market for New and Used Equipment

Hiltermann Lease has developed a trend report providing in-depth insights into current and future developments in the market for new and used equipment, specifically focusing on the agricultural, construction, and internal transport sectors. This valuable information has been gathered through in-depth interviews and surveys with numerous suppliers in the Netherlands, offering suppliers and stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the challenges, opportunities, and trends in the market. One of the key findings is the increasing demand for used equipment. Suppliers across various sectors, including agriculture, construction, and internal transport, are witnessing a growing demand for used machinery and equipment. The report also explores the role of financing in these developments and the various leasing options available.

Rise of Rentals

The report addresses the rise of rentals as a popular option for both suppliers and end-users. It highlights the advantages of renting and the challenges associated with establishing a rental fleet. Ewoud Sneep, Commercial Manager of Hiltermann Lease, commented, “The report provides a comprehensive overview of developments and challenges in the market for new and used equipment. We are confident that this report will offer valuable insights to our customers, partners, and other stakeholders, assisting them in making informed decisions.”


One of the primary challenges identified is the shortage of supply in both new and used equipment, impacting prices and potentially hindering growth. The report also discusses other challenges, such as the impact of nitrogen regulations and the rising demand for electric equipment. Ewoud Sneep added, “With the insights gained from the trend report, we aim to be the partner of choice for suppliers of agricultural and construction equipment and those focusing on the internal transport sector. We assist entrepreneurs in realizing their ambitions and dreams by finding the right leasing or financing solution, independent of banks or brands. In the coming years, we also see a significant role for non-bank financiers in helping companies to make their machinery or equipment fleet more sustainable or electrified. The SME sector is the engine of the Dutch economy, and Hiltermann Lease, as a leasing and financing partner, is the engine for SMEs.”

10 – 05 – 2023

Hiltermann with HCF in Consumer Financings

Leasing company Hiltermann launched its consumer label, Hiltermann Consumer Financings (HCF), yesterday. It aims to simplify, streamline, and secure the financing of mobility for both consumers and dealers.

The launch of HCF was led by Xandra Velzeboer, Olympic and four-time world champion in short track and a sponsor partner of Hiltermann.

With HCF’s new fintech platform, the process of auto financing is fully digitized, eliminating the paperwork associated with traditional loan applications. Dealers benefit from faster processing of financing requests, ensuring the feasibility of financing a vehicle.

According to Managing Director Paul Kalis, HCF elevates traditional financial services for mobility to a higher and more efficient level. “We achieve this by placing the consumer and dealer at the forefront and supporting them with a fully automated process for vehicle financing. All of this comes with clear terms at a fixed low interest rate.”

25 – 03 – 2023

Hiltermann Lease Group expands management board

Leasing company Hiltermann Lease Groep reports that it has appointed two new board members. Petra Jansen op de Haar fulfills the new position as COO and Michel van de Coevering joins as CFO.

The organization’s strong growth and diversity of activities are the reason for expanding the management team. The recent acquisition of Dealer Totaal Concept and the digital transformation within the Hiltermann Lease Group increased the need for an Operations Director. Petra Jansen op de Haar, with her extensive experience within the financial sector, adds a lot to realize the ambitions. She previously held the position of Director at ASR’s mortgage division and as CEO of ASR Bank.

Michel van de Coevering was appointed CFO on 1 April, taking over from Susan Wan. Van de Coevering has won his spurs as CFO at companies including Kempen & Co and most recently at IT specialist Schuberg Philis.

“I am very pleased that Petra and Michel are joining the management team and look forward to shaping further growth together,” said Michel Akerboom, CEO of Hiltermann Lease Group.

18 – 02 – 2022

Hiltermann Lease Group acquires Dealer Total Concept

Leasing company Hiltermann Lease Groep is acquiring Dealer Totaal Concept (DTC), both parties announced today. The acquisition gives both organizations an impetus for growth. Founders Nieko van Es and Raymond Alflen and the directors Maaike Heintz and Edwin te Winkel will remain with DTC.

With the acquisition of DTC, Hiltermann Lease Group wants to further profile itself as the partner for universal car companies in the Netherlands by offering an even broader total package of financial services.

“DTC is a strong player in the car dealer channel, a channel in which we are also active. This acquisition allows us to further broaden our offering to our partners.” said Michel Akerboom, CEO of Hiltermann Lease Group. The range of services will be expanded to include loans, financing and insurance for private individuals and the business market.

The management of DTC will stay on and continue the current strategy. “With Hiltermann as a strategic partner we are expanding our product range to our dealers with operational and private leasing” says Nieko van Es, “furthermore we will continue to operate as an intermediary in order to always be able to offer our customers the best deal”.

Hiltermann Lease Group will focus primarily on fleets and equipment through its own channel and will continue to serve independent intermediaries unchanged. “By accommodating our dealer channel at DTC, we can have even more focus on these core activities,” says Akerboom, “any possible channel conflicts will also be excluded as a result.”

07 – 12 – 2021

Announcement of Susan Wan’s departure at Hiltermann

After a very active first year and a half, CFO Susan Wan has decided to leave Hiltermann Lease Group (HLG).

Susan held the position of CFO at HLG since July 1, 2020. In the past period Susan has been mainly concerned with the financing of the company, including the two complex securitization projects, and the expansion of the finance and IT departments.

“The Supervisory Board and I regret her decision but respect it. We thank Susan for her commitment, professionalism and her contribution to the company and wish her every success in her future career.” – Michel Akerboom

Susan will continue in her position until the end of April 2022 at the latest. The search for a new CFO has already begun.

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28 – 08 – 2020

Hiltermann Lease Groep writes solid half-year figures

Hiltermann Lease Groep achieved growth of 12% in the first six months of 2020. Figures that during the corona boom seemed to be reserved for wholesalers and construction markets. “This once again confirms the healthy basis that exists here in Hoofddorp for further growth in the future,” says Managing Director Michel Akerboom.

It is also striking that the growth is evenly distributed over both quarters. Whereas the impact of the economic ‘corona’ only became visible in the second quarter, Hiltermann Lease Groep recorded an increase of 6% for two consecutive quarters. The leasing and finance company thus broke through the 40,000-contract barrier.

The turnover in the first half of 2020 amounted to 97 million euros, 20% more than in the same period last year. Profit amounted to 7.8 million euros. The growth figures also mean that Hiltermann Lease Group’s balance sheet has increased to over 570 million euros. “It is expected that both the growth and the result will also be positive in the second half of 2020,” adds Akerboom.

Last year Hiltermann Lease Groep already found a new shareholder in Elliott Advisors, who explicitly supports the roll-out of the further growth strategy. In the meantime, Susan Wan, a new, experienced CFO, has been recruited. She is thus returning to the lease industry, after a previously long tenure at Leaseplan.

“We are now of such a size that adjusting the capital position is logical and efficient. The emphasis here will be on optimizing the structure and diversifying Hiltermann Lease’s financing base,” Wan explains.

12 – 06 – 2020

Hiltermann Lease achieves growth in challenging period

Completely against economic trends, Hiltermann Lease Group is hard at work achieving its stated growth targets in the second quarter of 2020. At the beginning of June, the leasing and finance company in Hoofddorp broke through the 40,000-contract barrier. And that’s while the automotive sector is also being hit hard in the Corona crisis.

“The base of these results lies in the relationship with our customers,” states director Michel Akerboom. “We have been fully committed to talking to our customers since February. At that time it was not yet clear how big the social and economic impact of Covid-19 would be, but it was clear that a storm was coming.”

Strategically, Hiltermann Lease Groep clearly opted for the line ‘through the crisis together’, which proved to be a tough challenge in practice. “There’s little point in digging in your heels over a client who can’t pay or is even threatening to go bankrupt. So we did everything we could to reach out to those customers. A contract modification or partial deferment of payment to temporarily ease the burden on a company. Unfortunately, the end of the crisis is nowhere in sight, but fortunately more and more sectors are once again able to generate turnover, which means that bills can be paid again. Of course, we ourselves also have to continue to meet our obligations, so the financial leeway for us is also not infinite.”

Hiltermann Lease Group continued to write new orders on an ongoing basis in recent months. On the one hand, these are investments that the client preferred not to finance from its own capital for a while, and on the other hand, the portfolio with existing clients was expanded through sale and leaseback.
Some of the regular contract periods have also been extended in consultation with clients in order to create some peace of mind for the client. Less visible are the contracts that have not been lost, by helping ‘small independent businesses’ in particular on their way to government support.

Will Hiltermann Lease Group emerge from this crisis as a winner? “No, definitely not,” argues Akerboom. “The impact that Corona has had on us and our clients is far too severe for that. But these growth figures do underline the fact that we are following the right path. Together with all our clients, we want to come out on top. I am convinced that in doing so we are forging relationships that will last for a very long time.”

18 – 10 – 2019

Funds Advised By Elliott Advisors acquire Hiltermann Lease Groep

Hiltermann Lease Groep announced today the successful closing of the acquisition of a majority of its shares by funds advised by Elliott Advisors (UK) Limited. Boudewijn Hiltermann, founder and largest selling shareholder, will remain involved as a substantial minority shareholder.

Hiltermann Lease Groep has pursued a successful strategy over the past years, resulting in strong growth and solid financial results. With Elliott as a new partner backing management’s strategy and providing strong experience and ample resources, the company sees great potential to continue and even accelerate its growth strategy.

Michel Akerboom will remain CEO of the company and sees great potential in the partnership with Elliott: “I am very pleased to have Elliott as a strong new partner and shareholder. Elliott will provide us with the resources and knowledge to enter the next growth phase for our company and will support us in becoming the leading independent leasing partner for businesses in the Netherlands, offering tailor made solutions and the best service for our customers.”

About Hiltermann Lease Groep

Hiltermann Lease Groep is an independent leasing company, for both cars and equipment, focused on SME’s and self-employed in the Netherlands. It manages a portfolio of over 35,000 lease contracts, ranking it in the top 10 of Dutch car leasing companies. Hiltermann Lease Groep was founded in 2004 and is located in Hoofddorp.

About Elliott

Elliott Management Corporation manages two multi-strategy investment funds which combined have approximately $38.2 billion of assets under management. Its flagship fund, Elliott Associates, L.P., was founded in 1977, making it one of the oldest funds of its kind under continuous management. The Elliott funds’ investors include pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, funds-of-funds, and employees of the firm. Elliott Advisors (UK) Limited is an affiliate of Elliott Management Corporation.


AXECO Corporate Finance acted as financial advisor and Houthoff acted as legal advisor to Hiltermann Lease Groep. DLA Piper and EY acted as advisors to Elliott.

04 – 06 – 2018

Hiltermann Lease: ‘Pleased to meet you, again’

As of 4 June the previously announced merger between Auto Lease Company and Strix Lease Service will be completed with the launch of a new name: Hiltermann Lease. Both companies have been operating under the flag of the Hiltermann Lease Group holding since 2014, including the equipment branch The Lease Factory. The latter will remain an independent entity, but will also operate under the name Hiltermann Lease for the outside world.

An important reason for merging the subsidiaries is the increased demand for a mixed lease portfolio. Traditionally, Strix Lease Service has been focusing on operational leases, while Auto Lease Company takes a strong position in the (indirect) sale of financial leases. The Lease Factory completes this with equipment lease products.
“Our strength is that we can offer the right solution to each lease question. Our existing customers know and value this, but this was less clear for the outside world. With one new strong name we expect to be able to operate in the market more powerfully”, explains managing director Michel Akerboom.

Mobility and fixed assets for entrepreneurial Netherlands

By also letting The Lease Factory operate under the new name, Hiltermann Lease will profile itself even stronger as the bank and brand-independent lease and financing company for Dutch SMEs. “This is also the reason for our new slogan Mobility and fixed assets for entrepreneurial Netherlands. We want to be able to explicitly anticipate any financing question, regardless of the subject”, says Akerboom. “We lead the way in offering lease forms on equipment, where the service people are used to getting for a lease car is also applied. This is one of the ways in which we can offer our customers a comprehensive solution.”
Hiltermann Lease Group currently manages more than 26,000 contracts and aims to increase this to 35,000 by 2020. “This merger is necessary to also fulfil this objective. We began with the integration of the back office earlier. Now that we will also be operating commercially as one business, we will get an organisation that is more efficient, decisive and recognisable. Ready for the future”, according to Akerboom.

Recognisable name, recognisable service

With the choice of Hiltermann Lease, a well-known name is returning in the lease world. Boudewijn Hiltermann, founder and chairman of the Supervisory Board, was already successful with Hiltermann Lease Service in the late 20th century. “Continuing with one of the existing names wasn’t an option for us as we wanted to show that we excel in both specialities. The name recognition also counts double, as we operate on the same service level in 2018 as Hiltermann Lease Service at the time”, according to Akerboom.

18 – 10 – 2017

Hiltermann Lease Group experiences major growth in first half of 2017

Hoofddorp, 21 August 2017 – Hiltermann Lease Group, the holding of Strix Lease Service, Auto Lease Company and The Lease Factory, is presenting excellent biannual figures. The top 10 player on the Dutch lease market underwent major growth in the first half of 2017. The number of lease contracts increased from 16,700 on 30 June 2016 to 21,500 on June 2017. The lease company also made considerably more profit these past six months.

Not only the number of Hiltermann Lease Group lease contracts increased, the turnover also took a giant leap ahead – from €44 million in the first six months of 2016 to €55 million in the first six months of 2017. Hiltermann Lease Group is expecting the overall turnover for 2017 to be approximately €120 million. The balance sheet total increased from 235 million to approximately €300 million. The result before tax increased from €4.5 million in the first half of 2016 to €5.5 in the first half of 2017.

Hiltermann Lease Group already experienced major growth this past calendar year. While the market grew by approximately six per cent in 2016, the growth at the lease company was a staggering 35 per cent. “We managed to continue this trend over the past six months. We are expecting the growth to persist in the second half of this year”, says the management of Hiltermann Lease Group.

Focus on the customer

Hiltermann Lease Group consists of three specialised subsidiaries each with their own knowledge and experience. Strix Lease Service focuses on operational service leases and rental of passenger cars and light vans. Auto Lease Company mainly focuses on financial leases of passenger and company cars for smaller parties and serves the consumer market with Private Leasing. One can turn to the Lease Factory for financing capital equipment. “We consciously accommodate various types of lease forms with different subsidiaries. This enables us to offer target group very specific services, after all, each business has its own speciality. Thanks to a strong focus on customer satisfaction we are capable of growing faster than the market”, the management emphasises.

About Hiltermann Lease Group

Hiltermann Lease Group is a lease company that focuses on SMEs in the Netherlands. It manages a portfolio of more than 21,500 lease contracts, because of which it ranks in the top 10 lease companies in the Netherlands. Hiltermann Lease Group was established in 2004 and is situated in Hoofddorp. The management consists of Norbert Karthaus and Michel Akerboom. Boudewijn Hiltermann and Freddy Hollander are in the Supervisory Board.

20 – 04 – 2017

Extension of financing Hiltermann Lease Group for doubling fleet

Hoofddorp, 20 April 2017 – Hiltermann Lease Group, the holding covering Strix Lease Service, Auto Lease Company and The Lease Factory, has extended its refinancing to €287.5 million. The bank consortium that previously also had a credit agreement with Hiltermann Lease Group has entered into a new agreement and increased the existing financing of €220 million by €67.5 million. HSBC also joined this consortium.

With the new credit facility, Hiltermann Lease Group wants to further finance the tempestuous growth. While the market grew by approximately six per cent this past year, the growth of the lease company was a staggering 35 per cent. “Our personal approach, the various propositions in operational, financial and equipment lease and our loyal clientele have caused exceptionally strong growth these past few years”, explains the management of Hiltermann Lease Group. The organisation currently manages approximately 20,000 lease contracts. Hiltermann Lease Group has the ambition to increase the number of lease contracts to 32,000 by 2020. With the new credit facility this growth ambition has been safeguarded.

Confidence in the long-range plan

The credit agreement is facilitated by ABN AMRO, ING, NIBC, Rabobank and HSBC. AXECO Corporate Finance and JanssenBroekhuysen solicitors provided the lease company with respectively financial and legal advice. Except for financing €287.5 million, the bank consortium also had a prospect of an option for another €75 million via a so-called accordion feature. “This indicates major trust of the banks. They saw what we have realised these past years and highly value our ambition for the next few years”, the management emphasises.

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